Racecourse Construction, Grow-in & Renovation

Tailored maintenance, renovation, construction & landscaping.

We are the solution:

Green Options Racing develop our products, services and practices to our customer’s individual needs to successfully satisfy their requirements at a quantifiable level.

We have the capacity to plan, construct, reconstruct, grow-in or renovate any race or training track to provide the best available racing and training track surfaces.

Solutions include:

  • Total race or training track construction
  • Re-construction of any existing race or training track surface
  • Once turf is laid – Green Options Racing can grow-in the turfgrass surface rapidly, ready for use by Stakeholders
  • We have access to an array of machinery to perform major or minor renovation works.
  • Processes include: Earthworks, Drainage, Re-grading, Re-grassing, Irrigating, Laser Levelling, Scarifying, Vacuuming, Vertical Cutting, Deep Slicing, Earth-quaking, Verti-draining, Coring, Aggravating, Field-top-making, Top-dressing, Fertilising, Over-sowing, Mowing, Weed, pest and disease spraying. 


We are recognised within the racing industry for our works, that are completed by fully-qualified and experienced Greenkeepers/Operators, we can tailor-make any construction/renovation package to suit any requirement to make new or rejuvenate any race or training track surface.

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