Racecourse Management & Maintenance

Tailored maintenance, renovation, construction & landscaping.

Experience is everything:

Green Options Racing has the experience with a proven track record in racecourse management, maintenance, independent track reviews and audits. Our major priority is to provide safe racing and training surfaces daily which includes turfgrass and synthetic tracks.

We employ industry leaders with the highest Agronomic and Horticultural qualifications to ensure all racing and training track surfaces including all gardens and lawns continue to be presented in excellent condition all year round.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Complete Racecourse Management & Maintenance
  • Race track auditing and reporting
  • Turfgrass and synthetic track assessments
  • Implementation and support of ongoing Agronomic Programs
  • Consultancy and Business Planning
  • Research, Training and Development
  • Environmental Management
  • Work Health and Safety Management
  • Financial, Budget Preparation and Asset Management
  • Equestrian Arena Management
  • Event Management


We can develop a tailored maintenance program that will allow your Club to achieve an optimum level of track performance daily.

Available products:

  • Disease diagnosis
  • Irrigation suitability tests
  • Nematode analysis
  • Plant tissue analysis
  • Rootzone assessment (Particle size analysis for existing track, topdressing & fill soil)
  • Turf health reports (Full plant assessment including disease, nematodes, thatch & roots)
  • Soil tests
  • Soil test including organic matter percentages
  • Loss on ignition results
  • Irrigation audits
  • Agronomic programs
  • Complete race track audit with business reports
  • Synthetic track assessments


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